Tullamarine Airport: information on flights and special offers

Information about Tullamarine Airport

Detailed information about Tullamarine Airport: location, flight schedules, information about special offers and prices.

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UTC: 10

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Flights from Tullamarine Airport

Flight Flight days Departure Arrival Flight time Airlines Price
TT234 Melbourne — Sydney wed 12:00 13:25 1h 25m Tigerair Australia from A$27 search
JQ446 Melbourne — Coolangatta (Gold Coast) daily 20:10 22:10 2h 0m Jetstar Airways from A$58 search
JQ664 Melbourne — Ayers Rock daily 09:45 11:15 3h 0m Jetstar Airways from A$115 search
QF9 Melbourne — Perth daily 16:15 17:15 4h 0m Qantas from A$115 search
TT554 Melbourne — Coolangatta (Gold Coast) mon 10:30 11:35 2h 5m Tigerair Australia from A$58 search
TT700 Melbourne — Coffs Harbour mon 09:05 10:59 1h 54m Tigerair Australia from A$83 search
TT582 Melbourne — Cairns mon, fri, sun 07:00 09:25 3h 25m Tigerair Australia from A$101 search
QF1013 Melbourne — Hobart sun 12:10 13:25 1h 15m Qantas from A$38 search
ZL3682 Melbourne — Mildura mon, tue, wed, thu, fri, sun 16:25 17:45 1h 20m Regional Express from A$96 search
QF2132 Melbourne — Canberra wed, thu, fri 18:05 19:15 1h 10m Qantas from A$66 search

Flights to Tullamarine Airport

Flight Flight days Departure Arrival Flight time Airlines Price
QF459 Sydney — Melbourne daily 18:00 19:35 1h 35m Qantas from A$42 search
VA754 Coolangatta (Gold Coast) — Melbourne thu, fri, sun 20:30 23:55 2h 25m Virgin Australia from A$45 search
JQ68 Zhengzhou — Melbourne thu, sun 00:45 13:15 10h 30m Jetstar Airways from A$279 search
CX135 Hong Kong — Melbourne mon, sun 19:10 07:30 9h 20m Cathay Pacific from A$200 search
NZ865 Queenstown — Melbourne fri, sat, sun 15:25 16:55 3h 30m Air New Zealand from A$177 search
QF815 Canberra — Melbourne daily 15:00 16:10 1h 10m Qantas from A$84 search
EY460 Abu Dhabi — Melbourne mon, sun 22:20 18:45 13h 25m Etihad Airways from A$563 search
VA284 Canberra — Melbourne mon, fri 18:35 19:45 1h 10m Virgin Australia from A$84 search
TT511 Brisbane — Melbourne sat 06:40 10:05 2h 25m Tigerair Australia from A$53 search
VA9561 Launceston — Melbourne tue, wed, thu, fri 03:25 04:25 1h 0m Virgin Australia from A$53 search

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