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Information about Larnaca International Airport

Detailed information about Larnaca International Airport: location, flight schedules, information about special offers and prices.

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Flights from Larnaca International Airport

Flight Flight days Departure Arrival Flight time Airlines Price
U21198 Larnaca — Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse sat 16:40 19:50 4h 10m easyJet from A$119 search
OA903 Larnaca — Athens daily 10:30 12:15 1h 45m Olympic Airlines from A$39 search
SK9231 Larnaca — Oslo thu 10:00 13:45 4h 45m Scandinavian Airlines System from A$94 search
U8800 Larnaca — Tel Aviv-Yafo thu 09:55 10:55 1h 0m Tus Airways from A$46 search
BY1715 Larnaca — Newcastle mon, sun 22:05 01:10 5h 5m Thomsonfly from A$198 search
0B5163 Larnaca — Thessaloniki tue 12:25 14:25 2h 0m Blue Air from A$54 search
W28508 Larnaca — Tallinn tue 22:45 02:55 4h 10m Flex Flight from A$140 search
5C906 Larnaca — Tel Aviv-Yafo thu 12:00 13:00 1h 0m Nature Air from A$46 search
FV5804 Larnaca — Yekaterinburg wed 05:30 12:00 4h 30m Rossiya-Russian Airlines from A$92 search
WK373 Larnaca — Zurich fri 11:40 14:35 3h 55m Edelweiss Air from A$117 search

Flights to Larnaca International Airport

Flight Flight days Departure Arrival Flight time Airlines Price
LS661 Leicestershire — Larnaca wed 14:05 20:50 4h 45m from A$314 search
FV5847 Nizhniy Novgorod — Larnaca tue 12:15 16:10 3h 55m Rossiya-Russian Airlines from A$113 search
U8121 Tel Aviv-Yafo — Larnaca tue, wed 23:00 00:00 1h 0m Tus Airways from A$44 search
OS2743 Linz — Larnaca tue 15:30 19:40 3h 10m Austrian Airlines from A$346 search
D83390 Copenhagen — Larnaca sat 21:55 02:50 3h 55m Norwegian Air Shuttle from A$88 search
BY7780 Birmingham — Larnaca sun 15:35 22:05 4h 30m TUI fly from A$90 search
CO365 Geneva — Larnaca sun 14:50 19:20 3h 30m Cobalt Air from A$135 search
MT1592 Glasgow — Larnaca wed 14:10 21:00 4h 50m Thomas Cook Airlines from A$127 search
FV5803 Yekaterinburg — Larnaca tue 19:25 22:15 4h 50m Rossiya-Russian Airlines from A$96 search
DK1192 Copenhagen — Larnaca fri 07:00 11:55 3h 55m Thomas Cook Airlines from A$88 search

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